Emergency Survival Charts, LLC

Loadout for My Trip

This is what I ended up bringing with me into the woods last week.  I wanted to simulate what might be in a typical “Go Bag,” or “Get Home Bag,” in someone’s trunk.  I had to add a lot of electronics however since I was going to be filming Youtube videos.  Otherwise, I had about 72 hrs worth of food, a little bit of extra clothes (not really necessary but more for comfort in this case), and my first line gear which included my EDC and a survival kit with my Emergency Survival Chart. See the next blog post to see those items.  Keep in mind this loadout is for Texas in June.  It also doesn’t show the 6 bottles of water (16.9 oz ea.) and a small hatchet attached to the back of the survival kit.  For this image, click to enlarge.


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